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Hospitality and safety

For over 100 years

We have been taking care of our guests for four generations, with passion and spontaneity: for us, hospitality is an intrinsic part of our soul. It is not built, it is innate and it feeds on the love for the most beautiful work there is. At all times, our gestures and words aspire to make your vacation one you have always dreamed of, relaxing and carefree.

That's why can now soothe your concerns related to possible health risks, constantly taking care of every aspect of your hotel stay. Enjoy the long-awaited journey serenely and do not think about anything else: your safety has been in excellent hands for four generations.

Peerless hospitality

Convenient location
Our hotel is located in the center of Montecatini Terme, a few steps from the streets lined with exclusive boutiques and cafés. There are many opportunities for recreation within walking distance, without having to resort to taxis or crowded public transport. Furthermore, the Hotel Ercolini & Savi is only three minutes from the railway station: if you reach us by train, you can easily reach the hotel on foot, enjoying the fresh air. Perfect, don't you think?

Surrounded by nature
You can treat yourself to a breath of nature, whenever you want, just a stone's throw from the hotel. We are very close to the Montecatini Terme spa, a microcosm of vegetation and well-being for the body. Relax outdoors and breathe in all the energy of a forest within walking distance.

Pure air in every room
There are many large windows at our 4-star hotel in Montecatini Terme, in rooms and common areas. All can be fully opened to allow healthy air circulation, a guarantee of well-being for body and mind.

Outdoor relaxation
The Hotel Ercolini & Savi has a lovely terrace, reserved for guests and open from 5 PM till midnight. Here, aperitifs and cocktails are served under the stars, but also refreshing fruit juices and afternoon snacks. In the summer you can enjoy your breakfast, for a good morning greeted by the crisp morning air.

Renewed safety

Cleanliness without compromise
All the hotel spaces, common areas and rooms are sanitized daily as per national regulations. We pay particular attention to push-button panels and surfaces of greatest contact, sanitized twice a day.

Simple prevention rules
It takes very little to protect yourself: follow a few, simple rules at the hotel and enjoy a carefree stay in Tuscany. Remember to wear your face mask in all common areas, sanitize your hands as often as possible and keep a distance of at least one meter from other guests and our staff. Choose the services in your room, rather than the common bathrooms in the lobby area, and electronic payment, safer than cash due to contact risks. Lastly, some important instructions: in case of temperatures above 37.5°, warn our staff and wait for directions in your room.

Contactless buffet
We are proud of our breakfast buffet, so inviting and full of fragrant delicacies. We certainly could not deprive you of such pampering: we kept our buffet unchanged, what changes is the service. Once you have chosen your first morning treat, our dining room staff will serve it at your table, to savor it in complete safety.

Protected staff
We constantly monitor the health of our team, whose body temperatures we monitor every day. The staff has been carefully trained on safety instructions, which they follow to the letter. The staff on duty on the floors wear surgical masks, as per current legislation, while the kitchen and dining room team is equipped with FFP2 certified masks for additional safety guarantees. Continuous hand sanitization is an established practice for every hotel activity.

Care at the front desk
Our front desk, at first glance, looks different from usual, but the smiles and the availability of our staff remain unmistakable. We have installed a plexiglass panel, which allows for clear and secure communication, without requiring desk staff to wear a face mask. Thus, you can contact us at any time, without risk. For hygienic reasons, once you have your room key, you will need to carry it with you, without leaving it at the reception. We sanitize all the keys at each check out, to deliver them, as new, to the next guest.

Rooms for peaceful sleep
You can indulge in peaceful sleep in our rooms: we have reorganized the rooms for absolute protection. We sanitize furniture and surfaces daily with alcohol-based and chlorine-based products, specifically focusing on frequently used objects and major contact points. For hygienic reasons, we have eliminated the extra blanket that you usually found in the closet, but you can request it from the staff, if necessary. We have also removed the kettles, but if you stay in a Superior Room, you can request one for free from our staff. Refresh yourself with air conditioning whenever you want: we sanitize the conditioning system filters at the departure of each guest.

Protection at the table
Our La Pecora Nera restaurant has been slightly renovated to welcome guests in the safest way possible. We have not changed the table layout arrangement since, as a boutique restaurant as we are, they already boasted sufficient distances. The classic paper menus, perfectly sanitizable, remain at your disposal, but today they can also be consulted via QR code. Seasonings and sugar sachets cannot be left available on the tables, but you can freely request them from the dining room staff. Behind these small changes, you just need a taste to realize that the substance does not vary: a dinner at La Pecora Nera is an authentic culinary experience, today as yesterday.

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