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Puccini Festival 2018

Giacomo Puccini and Torre del Lago

“Sunny beaches, cool pine forests, the lake is always calm, in other words: Eden“

A deep love that lasted over thirty years links Giacomo Puccini to the delightful village of Torre del Lago, which with pride of all its inhabitants, changed name a long time ago into Torre del Lago Puccini.

When the great composer first arrived here in the late nineteenth century, he was searching for a quaint and quiet place where to pour his creative genius.

Puccini immediately fell in love with the Lake and the small village whose houses were reflected in the blue-gray waters of Massaciuccoli less than two kilometers from the sandy beaches of Versilia, and the reception from the locals was enthusiastic. On his arrival the young composer even found a small welcoming committee in the railway station and many artists, mostly painters, with whom later he founded “Club La Bohème”. They all gathered around him happy to count among them an already famous person.

These were years of extraordinary artistic fervour that involved most of the region: Florence, Livorno, but also Lucca – where Puccini was born – which were in contact with Paris and other European capitals, ideas and people were circulating wildly, painters and musicians met in homes and cafes. But then, to return to their roots of inspiration, where nature still offered them strong sensations, to find the purest lights and sounds.

Puccini had two great passions, music and hunting and for him the Lake Massaciuccoli represented the ideal place to cultivate both. He arrived in 1891, at the age of 33, and decided to settle there, renting rooms. Then came the success of Manon Lescaut (1893) and La Bohème (1896) where he earned enough money to buy the house of his life, an ancient watchtower (the origin of the name of Torre del Lago) which he completely rebuilt. Marquees Ginori, owner of these lands, gave him permission to fill a part of the lakeshore in front of the house with soil in order to build a garden and a road. Just outside the house stood a small pier from which he left for his hunting trips, in particular for bald coots and snipes.


Montecatini Opera Festival

If the importance of a town is  reflected in the variety and  the  quality  of the cultural  events Montecatini is with no doubt  a place  of  crucial interest.

Since the 19th century the greatest Italian opera composers  used to spend some time in Montecatini S.P.A. to have a rest and to get inspiration for their music, which has  contributed  to make our town well known all over the world .Through the passing of  time music and culture have remained vital aspects of the town, confirming the  strict link between  past and present and making   Montecatini an  ideal place  for  art and emotions. That is why  it seemed  sensible  to create a musical festival representing the town itself ,with the aim to promote the knowledge of music and favour   the appreciation of the cultural heritage of our region. In particular the Festival presents  the great tradition of the opera , offering  the new generations,who are tomorrow’s audiences , the opportunity to know a  really important part of our  history .  Montecatini Opera Festival , totally dedicated to   opera  lovers,  is  realized by the Parnaso  cultural association  with the support of the town council and the Thermae  S.P.A.

The Festival ,which started in 1999 with a short season,has  gradually grown   in number and importance  of  the events. Nowadays  It has become a real  tourist   promotion attracting people from different parts of the world  . The  list of famous international artists who have come and even returned is quite long. At present the Festival is well merged with the town itself and its inhabitants  and it is recognized  one of the great musical festivals  taking place in Italy ,especially during the Summer. Its growing  success  , notwithstanding  the  difficulty in any form of cultural events ,proves   the  appreciation for  its formula, where   everything, even the small details  are planned  and  achieved with great care   and attention. Programmes and artists are chosen according to precise criteria: famous international artists  alternate  with   young  artists on the basis    of  some simple  beliefs

Nobody can be indifferent to the beauty of music, even the most difficult, if presented  in the adequate way

Music doesn’t need translation, its universal language reaches the deepest emotions in the heart of all those who  are willing to listen to it.

The talent  of an artist is measured by his capacity to involve the audience emotionally ,which is actually the main  feature favouring  the knowledge of music . The artist  who comes  to the stage  wearing a “dinner jacket “with a distant   expression  does not increase the interest in music.

This year is the 15th edition of Montecatini  Opera  Festival. The season covers a period of 7 months, from April to October.  All the events are  performed in the town  most suitable places : the Excelsior (a real  architectonic jewel  and ideal place  to enjoy  music as in a late 19th century salon ) and the Tettuccio, a fantastic  space, open to the sky, with the  same charming atmosphere which inspired the great composers of the past

Since 2005 the Festival has had its own orchestra which cooperates with well known artists:  This orchestra  is  formed by   musicians ,already playing in important ItalIan  orchestras or musicians  teaching  in conservatories or   academies of music.  The  same orchestra offers different ensembles  its repertoire is really  large; from baroque music to classicism ,including also the most famous   chamber music pages of the 20th century, with particular attention to the Italian Opera, even through the  performance of  unpublished scores.

In a collaborative view with other institutions, the Festival orchestra has worked with the high qualified Luciano Pavarotti  foundation, the  Verona Arena theatre, the foundation Promusica  Pistoiese and other music associations, such as  Puccini Opera association, the Music Association from Lucca, the Music Association from Montecatini. Recently it has  started  its cooperation  with Slow Food Association, based on  the belief of  strict relation between Music and Food, to share  extraordinary meeting  occasions.

“What is love for our souls is appetite for our bodies. 
Eating, loving, singing, digesting, are the four acts of that  comic opera which is life”
Gioacchino Rossini

Viareggio's Carnival


The Viareggio Carnival celebrates in 2018 145 years of life under the sign of a vivid tradition such as the long-established European tradition of Carnival festivals. It is no doubt one of the best known events in Italy. Each year the Viareggio Carnival attracts more than 600.000   spectators gathering to attend the magic of the grand parades of large  floats in  papier-maché. In 2018THE CARNIVAL MASKED PARADES  will take place  on    27th January,  4th,   11th,   13th, 17th February along the extraordinary Liberty seaside boulevards. 



Saturday 27th January 


At the end of the parade Great Ending Fireworks


 Sunday 4th February



Sunday 11th February



Tuesday 13th February



Saturday 17th February


At the end of the parade reading of verdicts of  juries

Great Ending Fireworks


The peculiarity of the Viareggio Carnival consists in giant, allegorical papier-maché floats - the biggest ones weighing about forty tons - and expresses today the old knowledge that goes back to the ancient ‘trionfi’ (war-victory feastings) of the Renaissance, adhering even more to the building techniques of the  big sailing boats, a  pride of Viareggio traditions.


Every evening, there are carnival celebrations in all of the city’s different districs. The most famous bars, restaurants, discos, etc., including the largest hotels in Versilia, host colourful all night masked carnival parties.


Real travelling theatres - the allegorical papier-maché floats are the product of the unequalled creativity, of the extraordinary sculpture and painting skill of Viareggio’s ‘magicians’, and are the highest example of this popular art whose language has spread all over the world.


The parades take place in a ring-like circuit  2 kms. long, on the seaside avenue of Viareggio, best known as La Passeggiata.

Here the floats move among the spectators, who can attend the show with no barriers, becoming in turn the protagonists of the parade.

During the Carnival period, Viareggio and it’s Passeggiata  become a true open air Museum  where people, coming from all over the world, meet to enjoy the event together.

The parades also include folkloristic bands and performers with the most original masks, offering excitement, culture and tradition in a wide programme of entertainment and fun for children and adults.

Viareggio, the Carnival town, also known as the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea for its long sandy beaches, its pine-woods, its beautiful promenade, a natural stage for its Carnival surrounded by the Apuan Alps and the Art Deco architecture of its villas along the seaside, is situated on the northern coast of Tuscany.

The town shows its identity and image to the world thanks to its Carnival.  For four consecutive Sundays and during the Mardi Gras parade, thousands of people from Viareggio, and the surrounding areas, take part in this event.  



Wellness Montecatini Terme

Wellness Montecatini Terme

The healing properties for wellness of Montecatini Terme thermal waters are renown since the ancient Romans.
The mineral composition of the type salt-sulphate-alkaline make these waters highly therapeutic.

Wellness in Montecatini Terme means both external treatments such as baths and mud treatments, both drinking-water therapy to cleanse liver and intestine.

All establishments are located within a large park in the city center and beyond to custom-tailor therapies for various diseases, they offer massages and beauty treatments.

And after a day entirely devoted to wellness, Montecatini Terme still offers many surprises: the city hosts the boutiques of the most exclusive fashion names and a stunning view to Versilia coast from the medieval city.

Valentine's Day in Montecatini

Valentine's Day in Montecatini

Spending Valentine's Day in Montecatini Terme in Tuscany is one of the best ways lovers can choice to show their partners how much they love them and celebrate the joy of being together.

That's why a holiday package in Tuscany can be much better of the usual gift and to represent a magic moment to live together in one of the most quaint cities in Tuscany.

A romantic getaway in Tuscany is the best way to take care of your partner, especially if you choose a destination that can guarantee a high quality of services as Montecatini Terme.

Hotel Ercolini e Savi conceived a special package for the most romantic Valentine's Day in Montecatini Terme: pampers and gourmet cuisine: what else do you need for a perfect getaway?

Valentine's Day in Montecatini Terme means relax and strolls in an amazing Art Nouveau scenery for a real special day to spend together.

What are you waiting for?
Book Now your romantic Valentine's Day special in Montecatini Terme

Hotel Lucca Comics

The best Lucca Comics Hotel? Look for it in Montecatini Terme!

Hotels filled and skyrocketing prices: the best accommodation choice is booking an out-of-town Lucca Comics hotel

Ercolini & Savi is the best choice to follow Lucca Comics & Games and yet the hotel even arranges a contest for cosplayers.

The original event that each year attracts in the city thousands of fans of the world of games and comics, born in 1993, has over time established itself as one of the most important in the industry, both in the Italian and international levels.

Among the many events planned, the most eagerly anticipated is the cosplayers parade in the streets of the city center, performed by passionates wearing costumes represented characters from the world of comics and Japanese manga, turning Lucca in the colossal backdrop of a living cartoon.

During the event, however, it may result particularly difficult to find accommodation at affordable rates, especially in case you have you didn’t book it months in advance.

That’s the reason why to stay in a hotel outside the city, making use of public transport to the event, may be the best choice, especially if the choice falls on a hotel near the station as in case of Ercolini e Savi Montecatini Terme, just 20 minutes far from Lucca.

The hotel reserves a special surprise for all cosplayers guests: to discover it you just have to book your Lucca Comics hotel and start out on the most colred event of the year!

4 star hotel Montecatini

4 star Hotel in Montecatini Terme - Ercolini e Savi

Ercolini and Savi is not just a 4 star hotel in Montecatini Terme, but an Art Nouveau masterpiece.

This charming town in the heart of Tuscany, between Lucca and Pisa, indeed, owes its original appearance to many prominent artists who decorated most of the historic buildings, as Ercolini e Savi.

This 4 star hotel in Montecatini has recently been renovated and keeps the majesty of spaces designed for long stays at the Baths.

To discover this 'outdoor' modern art museum, visit the boutiques of the city center or having a pure relax holiday at the spa, the choice of this 4 star hotel in Montecatini Terme will pleasantly surprise you. 

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