Hotel Ercolini & Savi - Montecatini Terme


“It was 1910 when my family first opened Hotel Ercolini e Savi in Montecatini. What they really wanted was to offer their guests not only a great location and a relaxing and pretty place to stay, but also the best services possible.

One hundred years later, I can certainly affirm that what makes 4 star Hotel Ercolini e Savi different, are still those exact things. Our Liberty-style building is only 400 metres from the station and really close to the Spas and shops in the area.

Our staff are all very friendly and kind and will be pleased to help you during your stay. Our flagship is our restaurant, La Pecora Nera, definitely one of a kind here in Montecatini. We surely believe in preparing our guests only the best dishes our land offers paying great attention to ingredients”.


We have had many holidays in different regions of Italy, but this was one of the most enjoyable. The room spacious, the staff friendly and helpful, the breakfast good and plentiful. Amazing value for money. (Pavlina N, Bulgaria - TripAdvisor)