Weekend in Montecatini

Montecatini can be a wonderful place to visit not only in summer or spring but also in the winter. Just think that while it’s cold and raining outside you could be relaxing in a warm spa or enjoying a delicious Tuscan dinner while sipping a glass of excellent red wine.

Hotel Ercolini e Savi is in the centre of Montecatini so it won’t be hard for you to visit the many attractions nearby


Spa & Park

Montecatini has always been a very popular holiday location in Italy for spa lovers. The ancient Romans used to come here for its salso-sulphate-alkaline water rich in minerals. There are in fact three types of water here: strong water (Leopoldina), medium water (Regina) and weak water (Tettuccio and Rinfresco). Besides the thermal and mud baths, these waters are ideal for hydropinic treatments that are good for your intestine and liver.

All Montecatini’s spas are gathered in one big park. Terme del Tettuccio is the oldest and most popular spa we have here. The Grand Duke Leopoldo commissioned these wonderfully decorated baths that were sumptuosly decorated by many artists at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Terme Leopoldine: this spa dates back to the end of the eighteenth century and has a big thermal crater that is more than 20 metres wide. Its water is very warm and at the moment, famous architect Fuksas is working here to improve its facilities even more.

Terme Excelsior: this spa is located in a wonderful building dating back to the beginning of the twentieth century. It is one of the best we have here in Montecatini. Not only may you try its mud baths and thermal water therapies but also its superb beauty treatments.

Terme Redi: an absolutely innovative spa which not only offers thermal and mud baths, but also massages, inhalation treatments and physiotherapy.

There are other spas in the park including Terme Tamerici, Grocco, La Salute and La Torretta.

Montecatini Alto

Montecatini Alto is a very romantic view point that you can reach either by car or cable car. It is one of the most beautiful places in the area. Thanks to its towers, defence walls and typical alley ways, it makes a perfect romantic hideaway for two. The cable car was built in 1898 which makes it the oldest functioning one in the world.

Teatro Verdi

Keep an eye on the calendar this theatre offers because not only do you have the chance to watch its many plays and shows but also a variety of wonderful concerts, ballets and stand-up comedies that are on show all year long. 

Viale Verdi

Viale Verdi has some of the most amazing Liberty buildings of our city. As you stroll by, take a look at Palazzina Regia, summer residence of the Grand Duke Leopoldo. Not to forget the statue for fallen soldiers made by Giuseppe Petroni and the town hall, in the MOCA Museum, that dates back to 1913. Miro’s masterpiece“Woman encircled by the flight of a bird”.  

Grotta Giusti

Among the thermal baths we have here in Montecatini there is one in particular that is absolutely unique: Grotta Giusti. This spa is in Monsummano Terme, only a few minutes from the town centre. It is open all year long and has a wonderful outdoor pool with hydromassage where you can relax both in summer and in winter thanks to its warm water. But you may also treat yourself to a scrub, massages or an experience in the thermal grotto where you can bathe in a wonderful 34 degree warm pool.


Tuscany is a great place if you like golfing. Montecatini Golf Club is located on Tuscany’s green hills and has an 18 hole course that is ideal both for beginners and expert players. 


Opened on December 2012, the MOCA (“Montecatini Contemporary Art”) will be the new temple of contemporary art in Montecatini. The Museum will host the new artistic trends in the ex-postal office spaces, a wide 400  square meters location whose restoration has lasted for 3 years.

Here you can find wonderful works of art already belonging to the city, like the “Woman  wrapped by a birds fly” by Joan Mirò and “Life” of Pietro Annigoni. The MOCA will be also the perfect setting for organizing events like concerts and book presentations.

The entrance is free.

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